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Raining With the Sun Out
Too Close to Your Fire
Come Passion
Answer Me
Finally Found Her
Center of My Universe
Close My Eyes
Dance Watching Over You
Bleeding Edge of Love
Revival for Survival

Insightful, soul-baring soul/roots/rock/pop/blues with a positive, inspiring message that suggests many of the answers to life’s challenges come from within us.

Bob’s songs capture big, mature, passionate themes, and bring them solidly to ground through crisp, traditional pop formats saturated with roots, blues, and jazz hooks. The songs sound straight from the radio and distinctly different at the same time.

Produced by Ducky Carlisle and Bob Hunter
Recorded and Mixed by Ducky Carlisle at Ice Station Zebra, Medford, MA
Mastered by Jonathan Wyner at M Works Studios, Cambridge, MA
Graphic arts by Bob Hunter and Deb Barrett
Photography by Liz Linder, Brookline, MA
All music and lyrics by Robert G. Hunter

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The Music:
Lead vocals and rhythm guitar: Bob Hunter
Lead guitar: Gary Backstrom
Bass guitar: Justin Kolack
Percussion: Greg Allison
Keyboards: Brother Cleve
Background vocals: Vykki Vox on Too Close, Answer Me, Revival for Survival
Background vocals: Steve Clancy on Raining With the Sun Out, Finally Found Her, Center of My Universe,
Background vocals: Ducky Carlisle on Raining With the Sun Out, Finally Found Her

Additional Details:
All guitar parts on Come Passion by Bob Hunter
Slide guitar on Finally Found Her intro by Bob Hunter
Solo acoustic (live) recording approach used for:
• Close My Eyes
• Revival for Survival

Special Thanks:
Vykki Vox and Mark Baxter

Additional Thanks:
Marita, Robert, The Hunter Family, The King Family, Duncan Lorien, John Braheny, Janet Barr, Larry Mynatt, Joy Waugh, Elizabeth Medaglia, Deb Barrett, Adam Lewis, Aimon Kopera, Dan Sterling, Toni Van Gills, John Driver, Doug Burke, Grace Walsh, Delphine Callahan, Tim Bowles, Tom O’Connell, and Scott Plympton.

The Songwriter:
A southerner relocated to Boston, Bob’s sharp observations tie into a cozy bed of universal experiences, with a passion so powerful it would be alarming were it not couched in such an open, honest vibe. Finding the right woman, becoming a father, and dealing with a health crisis drew him to find the heart and voice that had become overshadowed by education as a mechanical engineer/MBA and career pursuits that have positioned him as a successful management consultant to biotech clients. Now the heart leads, and supported by a deeply insightful yet practical mind, has created a set of rich yet succinct musical fusions.

The Singer:
Starting with a mid-range voice remarkably similar to that of James Taylor, Bob worked with a voice coach to stretch this resonance into higher registers. He later began to appreciate and to deepen the cutting horsepower available in his lower registers.

The Musician:
After playing guitar for over 30 years, Bob was inspired to write by a songwriting workshop that revealed an expanded harmonic palette via different combinations of the jazz chords that he already knew. Working with professional musicians, Bob inspired them to deliver the tight, rich accompaniment heard on 8 of the 10 tracks. Two solo acoustic tracks demonstrate his fingerstyle and rhythm prowess, and sprinkled throughout the tracks are his contributions on slide and lead guitar.

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Heartful, mindful Americana